5 Signs You Should Streamline Monthlies

Posted by ParkIt on 18 March 2020

1) Manual Processes Are Wasting Valuable Employee Hours

Not only is it frustrating for employees to have to handle processes manually month after month with today’s availability of technology to automate processes, it is costing your operation valuable time and money. You have already implemented automated procedures for other parts of your operation and monthly parking should be no different.

What to Look For: Automated Process from Start to Finish

Use a system that combines and automate the manual tasks of monthly parking from start to finish. This looks like:

  • Automating customer applications and tracking of information
  • Ability to automate invoicing AND charges, including live tracking and updating of these transactions
  • Automated email communications for tracking down late payments

Using the features above and more will increase employee retention, reduce hours and costs of running your operation and will impress and retain customers for longer.

2) Guests Can’t Immediately Check Your Availability and Reserve Their Space

Consumers are becoming ever more reliant on access to immediate information with today’s technology. Not having information immediately accessible online regarding availability and access to reserve parking puts you at risk for them leaving to the lots down the street.

What to Look For: Intuitive Digital Design

Potential customers spend an average of 15 seconds on your site before leaving if they cannot find information that is relevant to them. Not having a place where customers can:

  • Check parking availability and prices without having to pick up the phone
  • Easily request a space
  • Log back in to update information and access payment records in the future may be losing you thousands of dollars in new customers each year, a problem that is only growing worse with consumers increasing reliance on technology.

  • 3) Internal Communication Between Your Team is Inefficient

    Whether it’s the use of desktop software that can only be accessed from a single location to recording information in multiple systems, the chances of your team not being on the same page exponentially increases. If parking availability, customer information, and reporting capabilities cannot be accessed by all team members from any point, you’re at risk of losing out on new customers or mishandling current customers thus costing you valuable revenues.

    What to Look For: Cloud-Based Solution

    A cloud-based solution where any authorized employee can access information from anywhere is key. From handling customer service calls to running financial reports, employees need access to maximize and maintain monthly revenues. Employees need to be able to quickly access:

    • Lot Capacity and Availability
    • Reporting without pulling Accounting from day to day operations
    • Customer Information and Payment Records

    These will all help to create a seamless experience and ensure everyone is on the same page throughout each month.

    4) Information is Logged and Recorded in Multiple Sources

    Using multiple systems and sources to log information creates unnecessary double reporting and wastes employee hours. Everything from monthly applications, logs of current monthly parkers, and invoicing/billing handled through separate systems increases the chances of information falling through the cracks. When this happens, your operation is either missing out on revenues, or creating a poor experience for your parkers and will reduce the likelihood they are willing to continue parking with you.

    What to Look For: Single Source of Information

    Avoid settling for solutions that streamline only pieces of the process and instead use a solution that can handle the monthly parking process from start to finish. What this looks like is a single system that:

    • Manages parker applications and information
    • Tracks billing and invoicing on customer records
    • Has the capability to run a variety of reports

    By pulling these systems together, you will reduce the likelihood of lost data and lost time and gain a better understanding of your monthly operations.

    5) Current Systems Can’t Keep Up with Today’s Technology

    From outsourced custom software to internal development teams, product stagnation can quickly outdate solutions before they are even implemented. Not only do consumers expect leading parking organizations to keep up with today’s rapidly changing technology landscape, it’s a requirement in order to stay competitive with other local and national brands.

    What to Look For: Modern Software as a Service (SaaS) Solutions

    You need a solution that is not only competitive now, but one that will adapt and stay relevant for years to come. Look for solutions that are constantly expanding on the core product with frequent updates and improvement to keep you and your organization one step ahead. At a minimum, solutions should have:

    • ability to quickly diagnose and fix operational inefficiencies
    • the ability to integrate with the latest enforcement, reservation and PARCS systems
    • ease of access and use for you and your customers

    Maintaining and developing this internally will come at huge time and cost sinks and often results in far inferior offerings.