Host Agreement


  1. Host is interested in providing parking space through ParkIt.
  2. ParkIt is a marketplace which connects Hosts with Renters.
  3. The parking space is describe herein, (the “Parking Space”).
  4. This Agreement shall be effective as of the date of your creation of listing.


Parking Space

  1. Host may place multiple Parking Spaces on ParkIt and each Parking Space is individually identified.
  2. Parking Space(s) are located at the Host’s address.
  3. A photograph, picture, or other visual identifier is required and can be created by the Host or by ParkIt upon request by the Host.
  4. Such visual identifier is attached and incorporated into this Agreement, with clear and obvious marking with reference to each parking space available.

Host Warranties

  1. Host warrants that they own the Parking Spaces.
  2. Host agrees that the Parking Spaces are open and available for rent by Renters at any time for which the Parking Spaces are listed.


  1. Host determines the list price of the Parking Space.
  2. ParkIt may provide suggested list prices, which may or may not be accurate and any decision on list price is ultimately that of the Host.
  3. For the right to list the Parking Space, Host agrees to pay ParkIt 10%.
  4. ParkIt will perform all payment processing and hold any monies until distribution to the Host.
  5. The distribution to the Host will occur within 10 days of the rental start and every month thereafter for the duration of the rental.
  6. Renters will utilize the space during each month and payment will be held in trust.
  7. If a Renter is refunded, to any extent, under the ParkIt refund policy, the Host forfeits any right to being compensated under this Agreement for the refunded Renter.
  8. If the Host elects to terminate this Agreement, payment will be based upon the refund policy.


  1. Host has the right to terminate this Agreement at any time, provided a one week notice prior to the last date of service provided.
  2. ParkIt has the right to amend this contract at any time, providing notice to you as a Host.
  3. The amended contract will be effective as of the first of the next month.
  4. Should you wish not to be bound by the amended contract, you have the right to terminate use of ParkIt.
  5. Such termination shall comply with the notice requirement of one week or as many days until the end of the month as remain.


  1. This is the full and complete Agreement. All communications between us will be held in confidence unless you permit otherwise.
  2. Headings are provided for reference and are not intended to be binding.
  3. If a dispute arises under this Agreement, we shall attempt to resolve the issue by mediation. If mediation fails, we agree this Agreement shall be interpreted under the laws of the State of Colorado and the Larimer County Courts have jurisdiction.